Saturday, March 19, 2011

A PinupToons Easter

I am using the wonderful artwork of Rion Vernon.  You can purchase his artwork and a license to use it HERE
The Mask I am using is Vix Mask 453  You can download it HERE 
The font I used is Vtc-NueTattooScript
I am using Wicked Princess's Oh Happy Day scrap kit.  You can download it from her blog HERE, please remember to leave her some love if you do!
Pieces from this kit that I used are

You must have a working knowledge of PSP for this tutorial.  This and all of my tutorials are wrote using PSPXI

Open a new 500x500 image.  Flood fill white. 
Open the paper of your choice. Apply the mask of your choice to the paper. Merge the mask group together.
Open the frame, and resize to your liking.  Open your tube of choice and go to layers/duplicate to duplicate your tube.  You want to hide one of the tube layers so you are only working with one of them.  (You can hide a layer by clicking on the eye next to the image on your layer pallet.)
Working with your tube layer that is visible, move it to behind your frame.  Resize this layer so the face of your tube fills your frame.  Select the frame layer.  Using your magic wand select the inside of the frame.  Selections/modify/expand 4.  Add a new layer.  Flood fill the inside of the selected area pink.  Unselect the selected area.  Duplicate your pink circle layer and flood fill the circle white on your duplicate layer.  Move the white layer to behind your tube layer and pink layer to above your tube layer. Select your pink circle layer. Go to Effects/Texture Effects/Textures/Grass.  The go to Layers/Properties/Opacity 25.  Select your tube layer, place a drop shadow of 2 on your tube, then Effects/Photoeffects/Black and White Film.  Select your frame layer and place a drop shadow of 3 on the frame.  Hide your base layer so all you have visible is your frame and the layers that you just added.  Go to Layers/Merge/Merge visible.  Unhide your base layer.
Unhide your original tube layer.  Resize to your liking, and place off center to the right. 
Open the EggCarrotstring element and resize so it drapes across your frame. 
Open the Eastertree element and resize to your liking, placing it behind your tube layer
Open the Basketoeggs element and resize to your liking.  Place it infront of your tube layer
Open the flowerbutton element and resize to your liking.  Place it between the frame layer and the EggCarrotstring layer. 
Place a drop shadow of 2 on all elements added and your tube
Place the text on your signature using the color of your liking. Next you want to go to layers/convert to raster layer.  Then selections/select all, selections/float, selections/defloat, selections/modify/expand 4.  Add a new layer.  Flood fill inside the selected area white on the new layer.  Add a drop shadow of 2 to the white text layer.  Move your original text layer to above your white text layer and add a drop shadow of 1 to your text on this layer.

Resize all layers of the signature to your liking and add your copyright information.

Any resemblance to any other signature or tutorial is merely coincidental and is not intended.

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