Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cuddly Killer

I am using the beautiful artwork of Cuddly Rigor Mortis.  You can purchase these tubes and a license to use them at CDO HERE
I am using a FTU kit from Naughty's Creations called Twisted Killer and is part of the Horror Whorez Blog Train from Gothic Inspirations.  You can download this kit from her blog HERE, please remember to leave some love if you download her kit!
The font I am using is Gothferatu
I am using Vix Mask 450, which you can get from her blog HERE

From the Twisted Killer Kit I am using the following pieces
Paper 1

Any resemblance to any other signature or tutorial is merely coincidental and is not intended  

You must have working knowledge of PSP, I am using PSPXI
Open a new image of 600x600 and flood fill white
Open a paper paper13.  Go to Layers/load save mask and apply your mask.  Merge your mask group
Open element21 and resize to your liking.  Open paper1.  Working on the element21 layer, use your magic wand and click in the blank area outside of the frame.  This will select the blank area.  Using the layers pallet select the paper1 layer.  Then push delete to delete the excess paper around the frame.  Deselect all selected areas.  Place a drop shadow of 2 on the element21 layer.  Merge the element21 layer and paper1 layer together. 
Open element5.  Resize to your liking and place above the frame.  Place a drop shadow of 2 on the element5 layer.  
Open your tube and resize to your liking.  Place a drop shadow of 3 on your tube
Open element20 and element25. Resize both to your liking. Place these layers behind your tube layer and add a drop shadow of 2 to both.
Open element26 and resize to your liking.  Go to Image/free rotate/rotate right 25 degrees.  Place so it appears your tube is holding the sign. Place a drop shadow of 2 on element26
Place your text on the sign, rotating it 25 degrees also
Add your copyright information to your signature before saving

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