Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Any resemblance to any other signature or tutorial is merely coincidental and is not intended
I am using the beautiful artwork of Martin Abel.  You can purchase his artwork and a license to use it at CDO
The font I used is Abaddon
I am using a FTU kit by Ceridwyn Rose (Nikki) at Cerdwyn Rose Designs.  You can download her kit on her blog HERE
Pieces of the kit that I used in this tutorial are

You must have a working knowledge of PSP.  This tutorial was written using PSPXI

Open a new 600x600 image and flood fill white
Open your tube.  Go to Layer/Duplicate.  Repeat twice.  Giving you 3 different layers of your tube.
Using the visibility toggle on your layers pallet (looks like an eye on each individual layer) make one of your tube layers invisible.  Open Frame-01.  Working with the two visible tube layers move one behind each opening in the frame. Go to Effects/Photo Effects/Black and white film, for both layers to change them to black and white images.  Add a drop shadow of 2 on each visible tube layer. Delete all parts of the tubes not inside the frame. On the layers pallet select Frame-01 layer.  Using your magic wand click in the blank space outside of the frame.  Go to Selections/Modify/Expand 2.  Then Selections/Invert.  Add a new layer.  Flood fill inside the selected area white on your new layer.  Go to Selections/Select None to deselect your selected area.  Duplicate your new layer and flood fill gray.  Move the white box layer to behind your tubes, move your gray box layer to above your tubes but behind your frame. With your gray layer still selected go to Effects/Texture Effects/Blinds (using a setting of Width 14  Opacity 55 and Color white).  Next go to Layers/Properties and change the Opacity to 60. Select Frame-01Layer and place a drop shadow of 3.  Using your visibility toggle make your background invisible, then Layers/Merge/Merge Visible.  Resize your merged layer to your liking.
On the layers pallet make all layers again visible.  Add a drop shadow to your original tube layer.  Add any elements from the kit that you wish to add.  The elements that I added I did not add drop shadows to the skull or glitter splatter, and drop shadows of two on the butterfly and anarchy elements.
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