Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gothic Spring

Any resemblance to any other signature or tutorial is not intended and merely coincidental

I am using the absolutely beautiful artwork of Martin Abel.  You can purchase his art and a license to use it at CDO
The kit I am using is "Whatever" from Tooty Pup Scraps and is part of  the Bratpack's Whatever Blog Train.  You can download the kit from her blog HERE.  Please remember to leave her some love if you do!!!!!
The font I used is Kingthings Spike

Pieces from the Whatever Scrap Kit I used are

You must have a working knowledge of PSP, this tutorial was written using PSPXI

Open a new 600x600 image.  Flood fill the new image white.
Using the rectangle tool, make a rectangle in a new layer.  Then go to Effects/3D effects/Inner Bevel adding a bevel to your rectangle.  Then go to Adjust/AddRemove Noise/Add Noise/ Uniform 64.  Duplicate this layer twice by going to Layers/Duplicate having a total of 3 rectangles.  Arrange the rectangles how you like on your canvas. Merge the 3 rectangles into one layer
Open paper-13 placing it behind the rectangle layer.  Select the rectangles layer.  Using your magic wand select the inside of the rectangles.  You can select more than one object at a time with your magic wand by having it set to "Add (shift)" Mode.  Go to Selections/Modify/Expand 2.  Then go to Selections/Invert.  Using your layers pallet select the paper-13 layer and press the delete key. Go to Selections/Unselect to deselect the selected area.
Place a drop shadow of 2 on the rectangles layer and then merge the rectangle layer and paper-13 layer together.
Open background-1 and doodle-5 resizing them to the size of your canvas and place them behind your rectangle layer.
Open your tube and place in your image above the rectangles layer.  Place a drop shadow of 2 on your tube.
Open butterfly-1 and resize to your liking.  Place a drop shadow of 2 on your butterfly-1 layer
Add your text to the signature and add a drop shadow of 2 to the layer
Before saving add your copyright information and license number

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