Monday, March 21, 2011

Easter Name Signature

This is a simple name signature

You must have working knowledge of PSP for this tutorial

I am using Wicked Princess's Oh Happy Day scrap kit.  You can download it from her blog HERE, please remember to leave her some love if you do!

Pieces from the kit I used are


I am using Giant Head font for this tutorial

Open a new 600x600 image in PSP ( I am using PSP XI) and flood fill white
Open your paper of choice.  In a new layer add your text.  Next you want to go to layers/convert to raster layer.  Then selections/select all, selections/float, selections/defloat, selections/invert.  Next you want to select your paper layer on your layers pallet. Press the delete button.  Select the text layer again from your layers pallet.  Go to selections/invert, selections/modify/expand 2.  Add a new layer, flood fill the selected area white.  Deselect all selected areas. Move the white text layer to below your text made from your paper layer.  Delete your original text layer so all you see is the patterned layer with the white layer below it.  Add a drop shadow of 2 to your white text layer and a drop shadow of 1 to your patterned text layer.

Open the eggs element.  Resize to your liking.  Select the eggs layer and duplicate it to have your eggs go across the bottom of your name.
Open the Bunny element.  Resize to your liking.  Go to image/mirror to have your bunny "hugging" the end of your text.
Open the Heartbug element.  Resize to your liking.  Go to Image/rotate/free rotate 30 degrees left to have the bug "crawling" over your name.
Add a drop shadow of 2 to all of your elements
Add your tagline to the signature
Using your crop tool, crop the excess white area on the signature. 
Resize to your liking

Any resemblance to any other signature or tutorial is not intended and is merely coincidental

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