Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Any resemblance to any other tutorial or signature is merely coincidental and is not intended

I am using the gorjuss artwork of Suzanne Woolcott.  You can purchase her art and a license to use it HERE from her store
I am using WeeScotsLass's mask 226 which you can download HERE from her blog
I am using the font Scriptina Pro
I am using a PTU kit from Karin Kreates Scrapz called "Bloom", which you can purchase HERE at I Got Lucky Skraps.  You can find her blog HERE

Pieces from the kit used in this tutorial are

You must have a working knowledge of PSP to complete this tutorial.  This tutorial was written using PSPXI

Open a new 600x600 image in psp
Open Frame06 and resize to your liking.
Open Paper05 and resize to 600x600. Place behind Frame06 Layer.
Using your magic wand select the inside of Frame06.  Go to Selections/Modify/Expand/Expand10.  Selections/Invert.  Select Paper05 Layer and press delete.  Selections/Invert.  Add a new Raser Layer.  Flood fill the inside of the selected area white. Selections/Select None  Place your new Layer (now referred to as white circle Layer) behind Paper05 Layer.
Open your tube.  Duplicate your tube Layer.  Make your original tube Layer invisible.
Working with your duplicate tube Layer go to Image/Resize/110%. Repeat the resizing step till you are satisfied with how large it is.  Go to Effects/Photo Effects/Black and White Film.  Place the duplicate tube Layer behind Paper05 Layer.  Add a drop shadow of 2 to duplicate tube Layer
Select Paper05 Layer. Go to Layers/Properties/Opacity/30
Select Frame06Layer.  Add a drop shadow of 2 to this Layer
Merge together Frame06, Paper05, duplicate tube, and white circle Layers.
Open Paper07 and resize to 600x600.  Add your Mask to Paper07 Layer.  Merge together mask group
Open FlowerBow04 and resize to your liking.  Go to Image/Mirror.  Image/Free Rotate/Right30%.  Add a drop shadow of 2 to this Layer
Open Flower03 and resize to your liking.  Add a drop shadow of 3 to Flower03 Layer.
Make your original tube Layer visible.  Resize if needed.  Add a drop shadow of 3 to your original tube Layer.
Resize the signature if needed
Add your text to the signature
Add your copyright information before saving.

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